How to set custom discriminators on Discord via the API

How to set custom discriminators on Discord via the API

- An API client. These instructions showcase Postman, a free client made in Electron. Google it for downloads.
- Your Discord client/Discord browser app
- An active Discord Nitro subscription or Discord Partner

1. Open your Discord client and press CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+I
2. Go to the Application tab
3. Expand the * field (yours may say something like or or just, that's fine)
4. Click Local Storage
5. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of values
6. Next to the "token" key, double click the value and take note of the token (without the surrounding "" quotes)
7. Download/open Postman.
8. Set the method from the dropdown to PATCH (change from GET)
9. In the URL field, set the URL to the following:
10. Click on the Headers tab.
11. Set/add the following headers (case sensitive):
   Content-Type: application/json
   Authorization: place your token from step 6 here
12. Then click on the Body tab.
13. Click on the "raw" option right under the Body tab.
14. From the dropdown that appears, select JSON (application/json)
15. Set the body contents to the following (case sensitive):
       "username": "place your discord username here without the # discrim",
       "email": "place the email you use to login to discord here",
       "password": "place your discord password here",
       "discriminator": "place your new discriminator here",
       "new_password": null
16. After that's all set, click the SEND button.
17. At the bottom you should get the response from Discord's API. If the status code is not 200 OK, then make sure everything is set properly. If it IS 200 OK, refresh your Discord client and you should have your new discriminator!
18. Enjoy!


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